I am a 4th year Ph.D. candidate in statistics at Harvard University. My academic advisors are Luke Miratrix, Mark Glickman, and Fabrizia Mealli. My research is eclectic and I find myself constantly being drawn to applied statistics problems in fields ranging from social science to pharmaceutical research. But underneath it all, I'm interested in the development and application of methods for causal inference with complex data, including text data, randomized experiments complicated by issues such as non-compliance, and observational studies with time-varying treatments. 


  • I presented a poster of my work on text matching the European Causal Inference Meetings in Florence, Italy in April, 2018.
  • I attended NIPS in Long Beach, CA in December, 2017.


I'm currently most interested in problems related to causal inference in complex experiments and observational studies, particularly in settings where the covariates and/or outcomes of interest are defined by features or summary measures of text.


In addition to research, I have a passion for teaching and have interests in statistics education research. I'm interested in developing new undergraduate curriculum and programs to help get students as enthused about statistics as I am. 


When I'm not pondering causal questions or pouring through R code, I enjoy reading, yoga, running, skiing, and spending time with my fiance, Reese, and two sweet dogs. As a native Texan, I'm also an avid football fan (go Cowboys!).